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Overhead Car Stereo Systems

Xtrons are dedicated to bringing you the latest in car electronics. With innovative designs and flawless technology, Xtrons' ever-growing range of in car entertainment means the road is no longer reserved for the journey. Here, we will explore more about the fine range of overhead DVD systems available from Xtrons.

A tailored range of overhead systems

Manufactured to meet requirements, this line of overhead systems has been tailored to suit the vast majority of cars, no matter what make or model. With three different sizes to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the perfect one for you. Life's about the journey, not the destination. With this comprehensive range of overhead systems at your disposal, there is fun to be had by the whole family.

Offering cost-effective products

Xtrons are dedicated to delivering the best for less. Fantastically designed, incredibly low priced and innovative in execution, the Xtrons range of in car DVD players are unrivalled by any other manufacturer. With a range to suit your price and personality, characterise your ride to the way you want. There are also varying colours available so as not to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle.

A market leader for a reason

Xtrons are leaders of industry, bringing customer satisfaction and the latest car accessories to you. Aesthetically beautiful, excellent in performance and ingenious in technology, the Xtrons range is as current and contemporary as any other on the market. By developing a business on three intrinsic principles, Xtrons are setting down a clear marker to the competition.

The three staples of success

Delivering simplicity, reliability and desirability, Xtrons are dedicated manufacturers keen on getting you the most bang for your buck. Simple not just in communication but also in construction, all products are designed with ease of access in mind; reliable because they deliver the best for less. Constantly adapting and evolving with the growing needs of industry, Xtrons keeps up so you don't have to, and desirable by innovation.

Perfectly presented in car entertainment

All products are manufactured by the best in the business. Technologically adept, visually stunning and perfect in performance, the Xtrons range of in car entertainment is enough to keep the most restless among us quiet. Don't settle for less, the journey is meant to be enjoyed. Now it is easier than ever before. Xtrons are revolutionising drive time. An overhead system is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to get the most out of their adventures. Let the family have the fun and allow them to relax no matter where in the world they are. Personalise your ride, personalise your drive. Xtrons are here to get you there, and to get you there in style.